The pursuit of a high definition world

‘You look like one those hipsters in Melkweg and Paradiso that doesn’t even need glasses’ a floorballer told me after I had terrorized him throughout a training with cascading runs down my forward side. I realized that I needed glasses last summer when I saw a depressing Romanian movie during an outdoor screening and was unable to read the subtitles. My lack of funds and love for second hand things brought me to a glasses museum here in Amsterdam where one of the nicest store assistants ever convinced me that ‘you look really good in those’. In a city plagued by a general lack of service, it seems as if anyone working with glasses are an exception to the rule. Liars sing ‘If you need me I can always be found’ in their hazy morning dream The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack.  With my world now looking like a high definition TV, who knows what I will find? All I know is that I will look like a hipster while doing it.


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