Time is a crooked bow

Who was it that wrote that youth is wasted on the young? No one remembers when the value of memories are vanishing in our Google world. Andrew Bird sings that ‘time is a crooked bow’, does that help to explain anything? The void of memories I carry around, do they reflect modern reality or a distance to my own history? ‘You don’t have understand everything’, my father used to tell me when he was too tired to explain. He was always too tired to explain, and there was no Google that would help me then, the only thing I found in the silence were the memories of normality that his repetitive answers brought me. ‘You didn’t write you didn’t call, it didn’t cross your mind at all’ Andrew Bird continues. ‘You couldn’t feel a thing at all’. Maybe The Soundtrack of Our Lives is such a great band name because it is so untrue. All I see is the memories which I paint with modern music as I Google everything that I have forgotten. You don’t have to understand everything when you have music and information.


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