A Royal Clash

Cruise ships enter the city, moving past our windows on the Ij, with their over sized bodies, carrying over sized tourists. And maybe some tourist of normal size. Soon they will spread over the city like confetti thrown by football hooligans. Their pouch bags will make them look like poorly dressed kangaroos. But we won’t care cause it is Queens Night and even though I am against Royal families everywhere, and in Sweden in particular, I will still proceed and get drunk because that is the only appropriate thing to do. And since I am a very appropriate person I have packed my red back pack with both hamburgers and low cost beer.

Tomorrow the whole city will be an orange party. Many Amsterdammers leave for this event as they cannot stand the music, the public urination and the general randomness produced by too much alcohol, too much orange, and too many people. Some even go to Berlin. I am not a great fan of this event, or any other mass produced party occasions (unless it is a music festival with good music), but there is something appealing with the prospect of walking around a city filled with lunatics while sipping on some gin and tonic.

Here are two fantastic Puma created video’s to get you, and all your friends, into a rowdy mood:


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