The sound of your morning

Have you ever heard the sound of your morning? I did today while answering some emails as I was waiting for a document that I was suppose to devote my day working on. My Itunes was mixing some songs in its own mysterious way when this one suddenly came on. Junior Boys minimalistic electro has always struck a chord in me, their desolate soundscapes always left ample room for my own thoughts to wander around. This morning this song, with its lonely soft electronic sounds and Jeremy Greenspans soft voice who carefully whispers ‘let’s leave tonight’, reflected my own state of mind like a tailor made leather glove.

I finished Revolutionary Road in my post Queens Day haze yesterday. Greenspan sings about the same step that April and Frank Wheeler spoke about in Yates masterpiece, but Jeremy comes from the other side. He sings about coming home from being away, from distant towns and pointless radio talk. The Wheeler’s tried to get away from their home, from the familiarity of what Greenspan finds distant in an ever moving reality, presumably influenced by excessive touring. The melancholic dream of meaning travels through both stories with the sharpness of recognition that every great piece of art evokes. Going away or home? It is always relative.


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