The invite

Facebook message titled: The occurring of (floorball)history

Many of you know that I have spent many a weekend chasing plastic balls in various sport halls in this flat country. After a long and successful season, during which the mighty Amsterdam Agents Floorball team have yet to be defeated, it is time to wrap the national championships up with a final game against the number two team, the prison uniform wearing HDM 1 from The Hague: a team that only has one loss in the league this year, against us. Thus, if there has ever been an exciting game in the Dutch floorball league, it is this one.

The game will be played in the beautiful town of Leidschendam, just outside The Hague (or enemy land, as we prefer to call it) at 14:45 on Saturday the 15th, not this Saturday but the next. This will without a doubt be the most interesting game of the season, and the Dutch league has even imported referees from the Finnish league for this game. You are all very invited to come and watch us make history at the Sportcentrum De Fluit and give us your support! If you know anyone else that might be interested feel free to pass this information on.

We will try and arrange so that everyone that wants to come can travel with us in one of the cars that we go there with. Thus, it would be great if you could confirm if you aim to come or not as soon as possible so that we can plan the driving. We will leave Amsterdam at 13:00 from Overtoomse Sluis (at the end of Overtoom) and should be back in the city at around six where if we don’t mess up a serious party will happen.

This has been a message from Amsterdam Agents 1st team member Patrik Edvardsson, a.k.a. number 88.


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