The ketchup effect

It is a few days since I became Dutch Floorball Champions, since I missed an open goal, since we sprayed Champagne in the locker room, and had beers and wine and a six year old bit my arm. A few days since I danced with a trophy and destroyed a light-bulb in a club, since I stole someone’s sock and put in in our trophy and woke up with four slices of Mozzarella cheese in my bed.

A few days less ago I high 5’d Kevin Drew in Broken Social Scene during their Melkweg show, and before I gave two interviews to Swedish journalists (one article here) about my floorball win. In Melkweg Kevin Drew explained that he was in his Jesus years, 33, and there was some preaching going on, but there was more music, two hours of it, and the multi headed band sounded great, especially in my old favorite Cause = Time.

Afterwards there was discussions about starting a newspaper in Cuba (and the apparently despicable music in the country) and about Cougars (the old female ones, not the animals) and in the middle of all this it seems like spring is finally here. I guess that is how it goes, when something happens, it all happens at ones, we call it kethup effekten in Swedish, I assume that we stole it from the British language.

These two new songs from the artist formerly known as Hajen, but who now goes under the name Jaw Lesson, are as unexpected and beautiful as the coming of spring. An artist that makes me a proud Swede. She has the same heart ache as Cat Power and Hederos & Hellberg.


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