Amsterdam weed pork

The Swedish king, now an inspiration to Swedish garagepopbands

Bands coming to Amsterdam love making weed jokes. One of the more novel ones was presented yesterday when the base player of Menomena, who opened for the Swedish Göteborg indiepunksters Love Is All at Studio 80, claimed that they might have had some of that ‘Amsterdam weed pork’ when discussing their apparently meat heavy dinner. Then they roared through their varied catalog of songs which I’d never heard, sometimes making me think of ambitious pop-nerds like Field Music and Grizzly Bear swimming in the same pool as some serious rock guitarring. I preferred the more melodic and poppy moments, I am but a pop nerd. Here you can download my favourite song of their set, Wet and Rusting. Love Is All played a fast and energetic set, claiming that  the song Kungen (meaning the King in Swedish) was conceived when the short energetic lead singer met the Royal family (or saw them) in Göteborg, where they are from. It was all very pleasant, even the bike ride home in the rain forest climate. The following 4,5 hours of sleep decidedly less pleasant.


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