Swedish Head Quarters for Ice cream research

The idea was to post this picture on Facebook under the heading ‘Swedish Head Quarters for Ice cream research’. Just to feed in to people’s ideas of the banality of the project I am currently entangled in. But as always in life, what seems like a great deal often turn out to be something much more challenging then first expected. This job is no different. I’m hunting numbers as if my life depends on it, the things we expose ourselves for in search of some fleeting financial stability. Today the Brooklyn hipsters in The Drums help me on the way with their self titled debut album which feels so naive, so young and so blue eyed that I have a feeling this is how The Cure would sound if they would emerge now instead of 20 years ago. I like it. This one will travel the Swedish roads with me this summer until we hopefully meet in the middle of August, in Göteborg and the Way Out West festival. And when things are heavy, there is no better cure than the youthful naive sound of hipster pop.


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