A goodbye

Today I concluded yet another project in my long list of project which I have to conclude. In a weird place right now so I’ll leave you with a note I wrote to my former colleagues:

Dear SPARK colleagues

After spending the first part of the year as a Communication Intern with SPARK in the Amsterdam office I will now move on towards new adventures. Working at SPARK has been a great experience and I will miss all my colleagues in the ‘Austin Powers room’ and their ability to spread chocolate and laughter in the room. I was also very fortunate to work so closely with Dusica and Karen who are not only great colleagues but also very nice and fun people.

I’ve learned a lot from this experience and the work with the Annual Report, which should be done very shortly, and my focus on the online presence of SPARK has been fun to be involved in, I want to thank everyone that helped me with information and suggestions for this. Now Chantal and Karen will take over the responsibility for the communication so please contact them if you have any suggestions for further improvement.

I’m proud to have been involved in helping SPARK reach its mission, and although I am currently watching two Amsterdam pigeons fighting it out over an old piece of pizza outside my window, I still believe there is hope for a more peaceful world thanks to the work SPARK does.

I wish you all the best in the future and if you want to get hold of me you can always find me on Facebook or via edvardsson.patrik@hotmail.com

Patrik Edvardsson


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