The story waits for no one

In a phone line waiting for someone at IKEA to forward me to a person that knows something about ice cream. People are creating inspiring things in the world, just see above, but I spend my time calling people with no time or resources instead of spending time in the sunshine with my unfinished writing and ideas that I never find time to truly devote my energy to. There is not a second, a moment to lose, the story waits for no one The Week That Was sings and there is no way that is helping me. I throw moments and time all around me as if they are no more than moving seconds. I reach the IKEA person’s answering machine, ‘I cannot take your call right now but please leave a message and I will call you back.’ I plant some rehearsed words on his answering machine and it is only after I have ended the call that I realize that I gave him the wrong number.


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