Mixed up with 35000 footballing kids on the west coast

I am in Göteborg together with 35,000 football players from across the world. They are here for the world’s largest youth football tournament while I am here for research purposes. Except for sharing the city with testosterone filled drama queens footballers with David Beckam haircuts (it seems as if this is mandatory from the age of 5 in the football world) I have the privilege of staying at my sister’s place while she is in Italy on holiday. Here I listen to their upstairs neighbors having sex while having no sex myself. The man has well developed communication skills and apparently has a great need to share that he is coming to the whole house. For several minutes.

After the best meeting so far, which I was forced to drive 150km/hour in my small rental car to get to since my colleague’s flight from London was delayed, my plan was to activate myself somehow this evening. Unfortunately a giant Kebab pizza came in the way and now I am lying in my underwear drinking water and looking at pictures of hipsters on this website.


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