Next to the lake

My parents have bought a summer house by a lake outside the Swedish town where I grew up, and where they still live. I guess that is what you do when you are getting older and have furnished the first home as well as you can. So now I sit in a new house right beside the water. I feel like I am in an interior decorating magazine, I told my mom this and she smiled and said ‘really!’. The house is modern and very white and goes well with my new laptop which I have invested in for some forthcoming travels. Only problem is the fan, very loud and energetic fan. I have tried to make it be less energetic to no avail so far. I mix these efforts with some Per Hagman reading and looking through some ice cream related documents. Not sure why I am telling you this but my mom has gone to bed so I thought I might as well talk to you. Reader of this blog. You are now free to continue to brows the internet in search of treats. And if you happen to know the solution to a overly tenacious fan, do not be afraid to let me know.


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