The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Pretentiousness is often viewed as something negative, and many times with good reason. Trying to be difficult, or deep, has no value in itself unless its honest and comes from a deep conviction about something. As in all art, honesty must be somewhere in the very front, otherwise it just becomes, thats right, pretentious. Many people often misunderstand or disregard the crucial factor of honesty and claim that bands such as Swedish Broder Daniel are pretentious when it was the only way they saw it possible to make music. They were a reaction to the society and world they existed in and they sang about it the only way they knew how to. It took me a while to understand this.

It is easy for people that want to make it easy for themselves to claim that artists with clear convictions, and own ways of doing things, are being pretentious since it does not require any effort. In todays pop culture it is easy to throw away instead of giving time to try and get something, to really understand what someone is trying to say. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart does not make particularly difficult music. They most often hang out in the same sweet distortion that bands like The Radio Dept. and Jesus And Mary Chain exist so successfully in. But the band name will of course will put some people off, I was too at first. But listening to them, which I have since their self titled debut came out, this bands romantic lush sounds gets more and more appealing for each spin. This song is a single from last year if I am not mistaken and the video goes well with my friends sun drenched holiday pictures which cover my Facebook page. I’m left in Karlstad for the last days of hard work while spending my evenings debating pretentious art and bands with pretentious names but unpretentious music. I guess it is somewhere between all this honesty hovers around, looking for ways to get in, just as it does in the glorified Facebook pictures.

Broder Daniel playing their final show in memory of one of their band members who tragically committed suicide.


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