Go to work, go to church, let your dreams die

I remember sitting on a bus between Granada and Seville late August, the dry avocado tree landscape outside fighting against the 40 degree sun. Everything was a bit hazy, I sat next to a big woman who kept talking to me even though I could not understand her. I smiled and nodded my head. She looked outside the window, drew the thick velvet deep red curtains back and forth, the landscape looked the same each time. I put on my headphones and tried to sleep when suddenly this song came on. I listened to it five times a row in that bus, trying to take all the rhymes in, the subdued melancholy. And when I got to Seville, and the taxi driver drove me on empty streets by the river as the sun was setting the idea of this rap artist rhyming over the Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind somehow made me incredibly grateful to be around. Music that makes you sit back and think, to try and follow Jay’s fast phase rhyme which seamlessly glide over a repetitive acoustic guitar and strings that slowly breeze the background was all the soundtrack I needed during my escapism.


One thought on “Go to work, go to church, let your dreams die

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