A year or two to haunt you in the dark

The rain is hammering on the roof and I went through things I’ve collected throughout the years. It’s not much due to me constantly changing countries and cities. But ticket stubs, random post cards, small notes and other random things I carry with me and put in a small box in my parents house. Today I found the quotes from last years birthday in Amsterdam, when everyone brought a quote (and one of my best friends brought 27 of them). I was thrilled about the creativity then, the different avenues people went down to fulfill the mission, and how it makes me remember them when I read them. It makes me melancholic thinking about that small space in time when so much creativity and freedom was around. And I know it was hard then as well, but now, when I look back I only remember feeling that it was all so easy. But I guess its like someone said: ‘the only certain thing is the future, the past always changes’.

This Weakerthans song is for those of you who enjoy looking back in time together with soft American indie melancholy. I expect that to be roughly 83% of this blogs readership.

a puke-green sofa, and the outline too
a complicated dream of dignity.
For a laugh, too loud and too long.
For a place where awkward belong,


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