Really really really a faliure

The pressure is on to create a successful life full of travel, interesting cultural experiences and rising stature in the corporate ladder. There is little room for underachievers (even my favorite Scottish popsters in Camera Obscura titled their 2003 album: ‘Underachievers please try harder’) in today’s world. I still remember watching Michael Owen in the 1998 World Cup and thinking that, ok, too late to be a professional footballer. Some people reach very far very fast these days and sometimes it is difficult to watch these young stars without feeling a bit melancholic when looking at yourself. What exactly have I created so far?

With this in mind I enjoyed watching this PSL-interview with LCD Soundsystem maestro James Murphy and hear that also one of the most interesting and innovative musicians for the past few years also struggled to reach his potential, claiming that he was a big failure. I guess the moral of the story, cause please let’s find one!, is that one should not stress too much, there is still time to do something substantial even though you spent a few years hovering around without a clear goal or aim. I find it comforting to hear, in my hovering.


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