Last night I wanted to say, move on, and look on the brighter side

In my world Australian New Buffalo takes one of the top places for most underrated artist of the past ten years. Her two albums The Last Beautiful Day (2004) and Somewhere, Anywhere (2007) are both dreamy masterpieces that deserve much more praise. So far her name has mostly been recognized in connection with Feist‘s mega hit 1 2 3 4, which she co-wrote. New Buffalo is now recording music under her real name, Sally Seltmann (for the music nerds out there it might be interesting to know that she is married with The Avalances member Darren Seltmann), and I just found out that she released a new album this year.

When I recently visited Marrakech I walked around the main square in the city, feeling a bit detached from the world following a visit to the local Hammam, I ended up having dinner with an Australian couple and their daughter. I told them about New Buffalo but they had never heard of her. Come to think of it not one of the Australian people I’ve met, and there has been quite a few the last couple of year, have know about her.

I’m trying to change this now. Spread the world. Or just listen to her romantic and bittersweet songs.


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