Three old Sunday reads

What? You said you wanted to have some links to articles which you can read? Really?! So you expect me to hover through an old issue of the Economist, pick the most interesting articles and publish them here, just below? So you don’t even have to go through the agony of pushing the keys of your laptop to reach the site. Really?! Ok, fine.

Here are three must reads from the one month old Economist I found in one of my numerous piles with reading material in my room. One is about the US food, industry and the struggle to make healthy alternatives when the public show little interest in paying, cooking or eating vegetables. The second story concerns fun at work and explains why fun as a corporate stratgy won’t work. The final story concerns the future of the burial industry (turns out that a Swedish firm is looking into freeze dry corpses in liquid nitrogen and then vibrate the body into a fine powder) and its quest to become more environmentally friendly. Here are the must read links:

Healthy food – Yuck
Down with fun – The depressing vogue for having fun at work
Exit strategies – Innovations for a conservative industry


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