I wanna hold you like the sky holds the sun

I walked the windy and sunny streets of Oslo yesterday. In one Vinbolaget outlet a girl was yawning. I smiled at her and she told me she was sorry. I told her it was ok, ‘its Monday’. She smiled. Oslo was cozier than I remembered. It felt like a city that was going places and the developments close to the new train station shows ambition with tall (and sometimes a bit boring) glass buildings that lead towards the new concert house that sit next to the water with its straight white angles. I liked it a lot, it felt like architecture that fit into the northern landscape, and the idea that one can walk all over it feels fitting in some kind of Nordic democratic fashion. Today I’m back in Stockholm, looking out on heavy snowfall, trying to put together the field notes I wrote with my cold fingers yesterday while listening to this song 2002 Bees song. Trying to think that its all cozy instead of dark and cold.

I wanna hold you like the sky holds the sun
I wanna hold you like your hand holds my thumb


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