I probably would not get ‘This charming man’

So I’ve been following the debate regarding David Cameron’s love for The Smiths, which Johny Marr and Morrissey have heavily criticized as his politics and love for hunting are at odds with the political aims and beliefs the band had. I respect that. Then again, after watching this video I thought about the husky pale Swedish politicians we have to put up with here in the north. They famously have no music taste whatsoever. Anytime some cultural reporter asks music questions the answers the Swedish politicians give always makes me wonder if there is some kind of law in Swedish politics to have no taste in music whatsoever. So, while I understand Marr and Morrissey’s frustration I can’t help but think that there is something beautiful with a political battle based on The Smiths songs. I guess its the Anglophile in me speaking.


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