Noah And The Whale moves on

Noah And The Whale is one my favorite bands of the past few years. Their first two albums remain among the most underrated in the pop music world. While their friends in Mumford & Sons continue their world winning swirl and Laura Marling (the lead singers ex-girlfriend) is turning out to be a folk magician of incredible qualities Noah And The Whale remain unknown for most people.

I understand if they think it all is a bit unfair. Now this London folk pop orchestra is gearing up for a new album and offer up two tastes of their decidedly more sunny sound after the dark and amazing The First Days Of Spring which chronicled the road from a breakup. In this post I named it the best album of 2009 and I would probably keep it that way if I would have redone it today.

The first tastes from their forthcoming album Last Night On Earth are not that convincing though, I do like the vintage feeling of Wild Thing (above) while the second song L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N feels like an unnecessary attempt at remaking their cute indie hit 5 years time.


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