It takes an ocean not to break part 1

In my so far most pretentious ‘I want to be a writer’ move I am spending a few days alone with a fire place in the Swedish country side. Here I will write my ass off but before I do that I thought I’d try and put the year in music to rest. This was the year that The National sang ‘It takes an ocean not to break’. It was the year when Deerhunter released that shimmering pop song Helicopter. It was the year when walking in parks longing for love was given its ultimate soundtrack in Beach House’s Walk In the Park. To name three crucial pieces of immediate beauty that will last long after the inevitable hungover that will greet 2011.

2010 was quite something. My own life took a serious of dramatic shifts and it is easy to feel that music took the back seat when life itself had enough drama. But, whatever I went through the music was always there. No matter if it was cruising through a dry southern Spanish landscape listening to this years breakthrough rapper Jay Electronica or walking in yet another new neighborhood, in yet another suburb, listening to Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs. The music was always there painting pictures, filling in gaps, building dreams and putting words on feelings and emotions without being asked.

This is why I keep listening and writing; because as an art form contemporary music that is produced in the context of now always speaks as much about these times as it does about ourselves. In a series of posts I will put the magnifying glass on some things that I’ve found important this year. I will forget much and not have the energy for much more. But if you are looking for inspiration and music that made a difference for me you are free to tag along. Tomorrow you’ll read about the man in the video above.

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