It takes an ocean not to break part 4

Beach House – Teen Dream
It is apparent that my music choices in 2010 are not that novel; Beach House is another band that popped up on everyone’s radar in 2010. An Amsterdam friend of mine tried to get me to like them a few years back but then I thought it was incredibly boring music that was way too slow for me. However, On Teen Dream they got it together and suddenly the dreamy romantic shimmers in these songs sounded like everything I ever wanted without knowing it before. In January I wrote that the song ‘Walk In The Park’ would be the best of the whole year and I still feel that way. This whole album is amazing and the feeling of laying too long in the sun with your lover and looking back at it a few days later refuse to leave throughout this dreamy record, and personally, that is a feeling I’ll swim around in as often as I can.
Outstanding tracks: Walk In The Park, Norway, Take Care

The Morning Benders – Big Echo
Do you remember this video with all those cool San Francisco people singing along to a great big pop song as if love and a giant community was all we ever needed? I thought it was one of the greatest things I had ever seen. When The Morning Benders eventually released their mini album Big Echo expectations had gone through the roof. But I’ll be damned if they didn’t reach them. Here we get 60s inspired romantic pop shifted through 90s indie and an airy folk feeling that is as delightfully eclectic as any Yo La Tengo album. The big chorus in Excuses, the Grizzly Bear sounding Promises, and my current favorite: the slowly building breakup drama Stiches are all great songs from a band that paved a new road with many familiar ingredients.
Outstanding tracks: Excuses, Promises, Stiches, Mason Jar.


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