We were swallowing panic in the face of its force

Believe me I am trying to write something here. But the texts I have about music in 2010 bore me and I am trying to find myself in them, were does my 2010 fit in? Should I really list a bunch of songs? No. But as I am reading more than writing, shooting through Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man from start to finish yesterday, I can’t spare any words here. Or anywhere. I give them all to work instead, just because they are lighter there, mean less, can be interpreted without injury. You need to read A Single Man though, cause if you loved Tom Ford’s 2009 movie as much as I did you will find something even better there. I even got a bit annoyed when I saw the movie once again. Some of the best stuff in the novel is changed or missing. But then I took the movie for what it is, an own work of fiction that should not be compared to the novel, and then it was still very moving, and of course a visual masterpiece. But still, read the novel, it is remarkable. Just as this song which takes a prominent role in my Swedish novel project which I can never say enough to.


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