The timlessness of the new

You go to work, go to church and let your dreams die. Or so it is according to much hyped US- rapper Jay Electronica. And so it is according to the characters in all the Richard Yates novels that crowd my book shelf. Well, the characters in Richard Yates novels are not particularly found of church, but they do know how to kill their own dreams and how to spend time in boring offices thinking they are better than all their colleagues before reaching the conclusion that what once was irony no longer is. That they are exactly like the people they used to make fun of.

I’ve gotten some sad news this week from people I care about and I still go to work and do my things, and I guess they do as well. That is the logic of life and if you step out someone else is gonna pass you by. These are not novel thought but it strikes me as ironic that the musings of characters penned down forty years ago are much closer to the reality of many contemporaries than at first might be suspected. I guess Jay Electronica, and all the hype of him being a symbol for something new, is also an example of timeless musings.


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