Poetry on window

It’s fucking snowing outside.

The only weather which is appropriate to kick some Moldavian football ass in. Live in Stockholm at 1900 hours.

Here is a picture of some words on a window.

Did I mention its fucking snowing?

Well its fucking snowing.


2 thoughts on “Poetry on window

  1. Good sized post man! I read it all finally – good work with ur blog!

    Greetings from Thailand – it’s cold here too – coldest ever for this time +18C .. or was it +19C. Anyways bloody cold and horrible.

    Come and visit!

  2. haha, I knew I could lure your highly deficient attention span somehow:) Please don’t speak of Thai temperatures by the way, it is considered highly disrespectful in the Nordics, perhaps you have already forgotten about this. I might actually be in Bangkok at the end of June/early July so your wish might become reality sooner than you think!

    peace out

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