The strawberry is shining

My mother is from Finland and as a young man, ok child, I was almost fluent in this mysterious language with its never ending words and complicated grammar. As my brain began to occupy itself with more vital information, such as the Chelsea lineup in the 1997 FA-Cup final, my Finnish language skills suffered and I now mostly say strange incomprehensible things such as “mansikka paistaa”, which pretty much means “The strawberry is shining” to my poor mother. This is my kind of humor, exchanging aurinko (sun) for strawberry. It is probably a result from a deep rooted shame; forgetting a language that is so interesting and strange, and closely connected to my own history. Perhaps that is why I found this joke funny, as it portrays Swedish as a cave man like language while the Finnish version of the poem by Percy Shelley, at least in my own mind, sounds almost magical. On second thought, there is nothing funny with forgetting a language.


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