Bon Iver and low cost tweed

There is rain in the Stockholm air. I went on Google+. Told a friend on Facebook that “I could hear the silence of the digital desert flow around me. Then I left in panick and have been hiding in the comment section of The Economist ever since.”

This was not completely true. Since I had to hide in a document at work which I have given several different titles thoughout its brief but highly volatile life. It is suppose to end up being something nice and glossy that can be printed and brought to clients who will look at it, smell it, open it and read very nice Swedish sentences that describe what we are doing and why we want them to pay money for us doing it really well. But hiding in the comment section over at the Economist sounded better. Like I would be wearing a tweed jacket instead of the thin blue H&M “made in Cambodia” (nothing wrong with that particular fact I guess) sweater I really am wearing. 

I do wear tweed. Sometimes. Just not today, since it is raining, and my tweed don’t like rain. Perhas since it is low cost tweed. I am sure that expensive tweed smells like flowers when it gets wet. The point of this post (really, there is a point? You ask) was not to tell you about this but to tell you to listen to the song which you see above. Its a cover that Bon Iver played at Jimmy Fallon a while ago and just like his new self titled album it just makes you want to sit down, shut the hell up, and I don’t know, feel shit. I don’t know how this man does it, but I aim to find out when he is coming to Stockholm in November.


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