Next to fried western tourist meat

Historic PJ Harvey references

Mixing with troubled tuk-tuk engines

An old man dying to sell a hammok

Chocolate covered tourists

Starring with empty eyes

On the 200th hammok seller they meet

The sleeping tuk-tuk drivers

Scooters with entire families filling the boulevards

I loose my hat in the wind

On Monivong Boulevard

A Land Cruiser with off road wheels

Crushing it with Japanese built precision

My forehead:

Sticky like the rice on Nayarok Say

Burning like my “spicy chicken” order

Waiting for something to cool or burn

This day is for waiting

Next to fried western tourist meat

French smokers and PJ Harvey

Colonization in my mind

An Air France jet hanging in the sky in front of muddy clouds

Tuk-tuk drivers snoring in their happy hour beer sleep

Propellers in the restaurant

Fanning the tears from our empty glasses

The second hand book store next door

With its over priced Swedish Pulp Fiction

Looking up at gullible tourists

And five year old hammok sellers

“I have post cards also sir”

These strolling warm days

These Phnom Penh monks

Who never ask us for anything

They see us as a secular cause already lost

In our 2$ tourist t-shirts

Folded paper back novels in our backpacks

The melted print from a two week old Economist issue on my fingers

“One happy hour beer please”

Alcohol fueled hypocrisy


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