In my mind I hear your song, its playing while I’m dreaming

A bit over two years ago in another blog I mention driving and listening to Lykke Li. This has nothing to do with this video. Except that I am still listening to Lykke Li. She’s a bit darker this time around, and perhaps, I am too.

“I lived in a circus wagon in the countryside five kilometers from Germany, I biked through the wind and rain in Amsterdam and printed my thesis without my name on it, I rented a car and drove west listening to Whitest Boy Alive, I drove the same car east with Lykke Li in the cd player, and I held flowers in a graduation ceremony and had cool white wine and met someone who knew my name from seeing my picture on facebook, and I biked through rain again, and walked in the wind and picked someone up at a train-station and left someone at a train-station and I listen to Stars – Your-Ex Lover Is Dead while biking. I ate Turkish food so late that almost everyone else had left. There was no time and all of the time at the same time. Now its Sunday and yeah, it is Sunday and today there will be less movement.”




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