Franzén on

Charles M. Schulz
“Schulz wasn’t an artist because he suffered. He suffered because he was an artist. To keep choosing art over the comforts of a normal life – to grind out a strip every day for fifty years: to pay the very steep physic price for this – is the opposite of damaged”

Franzén on his mother
“My mother, in her thrift, forced inexpensive tab-collared knits, usually of polyester, which advertised me equally as an obedient little boy and a middle-aged golfer, and which chafed my neck as if to keep me ever mindful of the shame of wearing them”

Franzén on adolescence
“Adolescence is best enjoyed without self-consciousness, but self-consciousness, unfortunately, is its leading symptom.”

Franzén on poor Republican voters in particular and American society in general
“The country as a whole had become so hostile to the have-nots that large numbers of the have-nots themselves now voted against their own economic interests.”

The Discomfort Zone


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