For those in search of something to watch

I cannot begin to explain how good The Trip is. This is a trailer for the movie version that came out last week in Sweden. I personally see no reason for not going for the six part half hour series on BBC instead. It is magnificently funny and ironic and just like the best pop songs from The Cure it blends dancing melodies with heart aching parts. I asked a real English man if he had seen it and in case you feel more assured by a native’s opinion his only comment was “it’s ace”. And that “Rob Brydon is brilliant”. So with the trailer, the comforting words of a real English person and my own hyperbole comparison with The Cure I see very little reason for you not getting down with The Trip.

Edit: After reading this post my authentic English friend voiced dismay over his wording and offered this more brooding account of the series in question “indeed it’s an outstanding comedy brooding with an understated snipe at the search for celebrity whilst cherishing those things which should be desired the most: family, friends and natural beauty. Rob Brydon is bloody ace as well.”


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