Kanye West look the fuck out

There are many trailers here at the Memories of the Future Office. They purr like spoiled cats. I will not apologies for this, just stating a fact. I’ve written so many words today that you would not believe me if I told you how many words. I just wrote them, you really think I counted? I’ve been hitting keys left and right. Misspelled shit, missemalied shit, built coffee cups towers, talked in phones and forgot shit. In the middle of it all I’ve tried to listen to some music. It’s been some serious multi-tasking action going down. This is also not an apology for the number of trailers at this blog, it is just a matter of life.

Sometimes a lot of words need to be written, and my god, if you are looking for someone who can put down a lot of misspelled, grammatically obtrusive, in your face sentences, well, then you can look elsewhere and probably find someone decent. But, if you would look no further than me, then you shall not be disappointed but look down upon me with great concern and furious remarks of inconsistency.

 But you would smile, cause unless you’re an idiot and can’t pick out a raising when you’re eating your oversized three a clock coffee break cake (yeah, we have coffee breaks in the socialist nightmare you like to call Sweden), you know that deep down in those rapidly typed sentences there are glimmers of gold that some low key editing easily can get glimmering. That’s right, I got bling in my finger Kanye West, this weekend look the fuck out. //end of caffeinated rant.

This is a trailer from Miranda July’s new movie The Future. She has made my all-time favorite movie Me And You And Everyone We Know.


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