Concert milk and other forms of advertising

Last night I spent some time together with the Stockholm advertising world at the Cannes Lions exhibit. There I walked around among trendy glasses (myself included) and tweed jackets (I only wore tweed pants) and looked at some of the most inspiring advertising from across the globe. Except for the somewhat stiff meet-and-greet atmosphere among the self-aware advertising scensters and Lykke Li-lookalikes, there was some very interesting stuff to see. And I’m not only taking about the young DJs who dished out tunes while wearing pink headphones.

Four things I enjoyed:

Concert Milk
My favorite. In an effort to attract people to the Dortmund concert hall and Westphalia Philharmonics the scientific proof that classical music increases milk production was used as inspiration; They created their own milk; concert milk. For someone like myself who has cow as my number on favorite animal (just before sea eagle and sea turtle) this of course it an instant classic.

What goes in in the luggage compartment in an airplane. Won the price for best ad.

Yardley Oatmeal
Smart pimple visualization.

An off the chart campaign by Droga5 who made a campaign for the search engine Bing together with Jay-Z. In the campaign every page in the forthcoming Jay-Z autobiography was printed on billboards, a car, hamburger wrapping paper and pretty much anything you can think off.


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