I Can’t Keep My Head Inside

I Can’t Keep My Head Inside: Dublin 2010 is the result of an idea I had of making a documentary. During my time in Amsterdam I talked to many people about various documentaries I wanted to make. Nothing ever did come out of that except for some laughs. Until I went to Dublin. I was there a few times during that year and without any real plan I decided that I would document one of the visits I made. I wrote some notes, making sure to make up half of them as a tribute to my belief that “truth” is a fairly uninteresting concept, and went to town.

With the help from my girlfriend I got some shots together. There were no retakes, not because I like things fresh or unedited, but because I was too lazy. I also felt moderately awkward in front of the camera. This means that this piece of travel documentation is, well, pretty sloppy at times.
I almost forgot I even had these clips until quite recently when a colleague told me about a video he did for a wedding. He explained how easy it was to use Windows Movie Maker that I one evening, fuelled by some low priced Italian wine, began playing around with the limited material I had. A few hours later this came out. It is quite embarrassing to watch at times, but I like the parts where I am not talking and there is pretty music and scenery. It is also almost 13 minutes long, so make sure  you have enough time to watch the whole thing when you do push play.

By the way, I am fully aware that the sentence “Irish people are comfort” is grammatically incorrect.

If you laughed, found the music nice, know an Irish person, or just want to share this video with others, please do.

My forthcoming project involves a saxophone player, A4-sheets with quotes and a Spiritualized song. Might be a while until anything comes out of that cocktail.


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