Creativity by wine

According to a Swedish blog I read an ad man named Neil French came up with his best ideas by drinking a bottle of wine, going to bed, waking up, and then writing the ad in the morning based on the ideas that survived his drunkenness. Enter myself, after going to the gym during lunch, doing some laundry, cooking some tasty food and organizing my small living space I felt pretty good about my day. And since I had some wine at home I thought, well, I’ll have a glass. After two of them I feel asleep I felt pretty damn good about things, very similar to one of those repressed Richard Yates men who in their drunken bliss cannot see the impending disaster around the corner. 

Let me just say that I was not about to write a world winning ad this morning. I was not hung over but tired and annoyed when I slumped into the shower, dropping my oversized shampoo bottle on the floor before by mistake washing my face with schampoo, instead of my hair. I rushed to my bus which I missed, forgot my umbrella and stood in the rain damning the world, when I got to work I misunderstood an important date and generally felt slow moving. I needed some spicy Indian lunch to get going.

Enter now: I read about this Neil French guys and I realize that we are two different creatures, or just have two different kind of jobs. Having a hangover-improves-my-work kind of gig sure would be nice. Or dangerous.


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