A review of The Picture of Dorian Gray

The first fifty pages are extraordinarily interesting. I constantly had to fight the urge to stop and underline memorable lines, and would have if it were my book and not one I had borrowed. The Picture of Dorian Gray is an interesting story to read as many of the ideas that drive contemporary society, mainly its focus on beauty and youth, is so well explained and thought about here. The dialogue is quick, funny and very well written.

The plot is interesting but loses its way in the middle of the novel, almost making me stop reading (I am not a patient reader). But with the beginning in mind I had to make my way through as I suspected that there might be more gold towards the end. Unfortunately Wilde never really manages to reach the standard found in the novels inspired beginning. However, the story ties together nicely and not without drama, making it well worth to finish.

The first fifty pages is where it’s at though, those are a must.


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