It was just a matter of time

The snow and ice finally made it also to Sweden. It was just a matter of time you might think. And yes, you are correct, but since I have no patience for matters of time I still stood at my bus stop, steaming as if I was impersonating a… soup(?), while angrily realizing that my jeans were clearly not from the winter approved clothes section.

So there I stood, impersonating a soup, with a wrinkled section of the Financial Times under my arm. Posing as some kind of international business man impersonator, a man of steam carrying foreign words among the Swedish newspapers. I entered the bus, under blue skies slowly opening its eyes. Sleepy traveler heads were knocking against the bus windows as we turned around the old suburban roads before skipping on the ice as we exited into the winter that was timely.

The saxophone player at my train stop wore a Santa outfit. He had been making me smile for days. I handed him some money and he said “hoe, hoe”. He is such a big man and felt like his smile reached across the world. Perhaps you think that winter is a matter of time but I say that California Sunrise with Dirty Gold is all the timing that you’ll ever need when you stand by a bus stop complaining about the lack of heating provided in your “made in Italy” jeans.


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