Just when Finland seems to be winning

Annika Norlin made two nice albums under her alter-ego Hello Saferide before turning to singing in Swedish under the name Säkert! With the switch in language she became one of the most lauded artist in Sweden. I interviewed her in 2006, during a festival where I finally got to see The Strokes. I was suppose to write a story about the drug problem at the festival but since Annika knew nothing about drugs and claimed to live “like a middle aged person” we mostly talked about our love for Seinfeld.

It was a nice interview, since she had been working at the Swedish public service radio I could tell she wanted to give me something to work with, despite her lack of knowledge in the drugs department. Annika has made two very good albums as Säkert!, singing in her native nothern Swedish dialect. Late this summer the latest of these albums came out in English. Even though it does lose some of its poignancy in the translation it is still a great collection of melodic pop songs. Here is one of them.


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