The new Patrik and old Patrik and shoes

They are looking for the new Patrik. The old Patrik is me and I have chosen to relocate to London. Some of my colleagues find this odd; as if they just ate something they never had tried before and are undecided on how to react. Day after day they enquire:
“Have you found a job yet?”
“No”, I say, “but it’s looking good”.
It is looking good. I’m looking and looking, job after job. There is no end to the number jobs I look at. It is the sending of applications that is my current struggle. I read about teams. They all describe themselves as “award winning”. They must have plenty of awards in the UK. At least I have a place to live. This has had a comforting effect on my colleagues.

My mom called me on Monday after I had gotten back from London. I proceeded to tell her about my awesome new leather shoes. I bought them on a whim so to speak, disregarding my need for winter boots. They were the kind of shoes you see, try, and buy. The kind of shoes that gives you the impression that they always had your name written on them. My name.
“They spoke to me, these shoes” I told my mother in a serious tone.
“Did you get a job?” She replied.
“No mom, but now I have these great shoes, and, they are comfortable. Do you realize how difficult it is to find good looking comfortable shoes?”
My mom became silent.
“So, do you think you’ll get a job soon?”.
The old Patrik took a deep breath and reminded himself that diplomatic skills and patience are important attributes in the work place. Especially among all those award winning teams.


5 thoughts on “The new Patrik and old Patrik and shoes

  1. This sounds somewhat like my life. A pair of sanders shoes have come into my possession. The lack of such shoes was, of course, the thing holding me back from gainful employment.

    I predict imminent entry into one of these ‘award winning teams’ for you, perhaps even awards of your very own. A man can’t be successful whilst being poorly shod.

    • After googling “sanders shoes” I think it is safe to say that you have me beat in the shoe department. I suspect we are both staring into the great abyss of award winning employment, with all the stress and Mad Men influenced cocktails that it should entail. Yes, I get all my ideas of working abroad from US TV-shows.

      • Well, they were custom made for my grandfather, whose feet I seem to have inherited. Given that I’m meeting an investment bank this week, I’m aiming more for the abyss of public revulsion. If these cocktails are simple and classy like an old fashioned then I’m certainly in. Abroad, it’s a funny place.

        I went to a bar yesterday you would like, it was full of folk music and good food.

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