A constant mover-around-the-place-er

For someone like me, a constant mover-around-the-place-er (I know that is not correct English but leave it to me to describe myself please), the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side writing is always appealing. In a recent column in a big Swedish newspaper a writer reviewed new TV-series. The topic: people talking about their relationships and how difficult married life turned out to be. The columnists assertion, and I am aware that this perhaps is no novel insight, is that people have built up ideas of a relationship as something almost magical that is supposed to be surrounded by a shimmer of, I don’t know, a Hollywood romance?

According to the reviewer people in the TV-show struggle to handle the lack of this kind of shimmer. He concludes that the detailed lists of attributes that people are looking for cause unhappiness because they creates a sense that something is missing, when perhaps all that is missing is a sense of how reality functions. I’m not necessarily agreeing with this assertion, but having lived and worked in a few different countries, all I know is that relationship issues seem to be pretty global. As is of course, the idealised view of the perfect life.


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