Very few same streets

I started a new job in a new city. A new job in a new city is a new life, a new side of the same streets. Having been here for seven weeks, I have very few same streets, but the ones I thought I knew look different at eight in the morning. I had time when I was waiting to start work, but my brain was hibernating. My brain needs structure to function, it needs to be told to wake up and go out. Perhaps it even needs some meetings. The ride to work is one filled with people rushing. My new city is full and people are trying to get ahead. I wonder what they all rush for, even the typing on Blackberries is erratic, caffeine doping seems rife and I can tell that even the people sleeping on the tube are not merely sleeping, they are power napping. To get ahead. It’s a new city and my brain is slowly jumping into gear, slowly seeing new things, slowly thinking new thoughts. Or old ones that I stole.


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