Bodil Malmsten did it

I recently wrote that working, structure and even meetings got my brain going. But what I really meant was that Bodil Malmsten did it. Having finished an ok book about Italian culture I brought Bodil Malmstens De Från Norr Kommande Snöleoparderna with me on my work commute. Reading Bodil Malmstens direct and structural prose is like seeing the world through a magnifying glass. She has a strange ability to cut right to the bone of things, twist the language and put question marks where people normally take something for granted. And I don’t like taking things for granted. Anyhow, I just wanted to clarify my previous statement and retract the fact that a structural working life is what has causes a slight increase in blog postings and instead attribute it to Bodil Malmsten. And perhaps those short lunch time walks I’ve been taking in St. James’s Park.


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