A modest way of trying to show some style

What people seem to be losing in big cities is perspective. Although generally the most educated, globally minded and forward thinking part of a country’s population. Strange things occur in these places. In London, where I now live, the rush and stress is the most significant aspect of it. The amount of people running after tube trains that depart every three minutes is astounding. Likewise the constant hammering on Blackberries by the business people. I myself walk quite fast, or I thought I did before I moved here. Now I’ve given up, I read my paper, stroll down the street in a leisurely pace. Perhaps its age, or a modest way of trying to show some style, but I refuse to run after trains if I am in work clothes. As The Economist recently pointed out in an excellent column, constant connectivity come with responsibility and problems. Nowhere is that more visible, and concerning, as in the morning commute.


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