What I write about when I write about other things

I’ve been distant and away, been editing and running, working on other things, read other books, watched football. Not taking the time. This poor blog. How it looks at me with sad puppy eyes. I am a cruel man. I am a man. I write things for money. There is no fame, just working away, playing my part, leaving small traces of relative art. Or not even that. Sometimes I write about other things. Like this article on Social Media Today. It is about social media, values and transparency and was originally meant to be for the Harvard Business Review blog. But it turns out that I am not one of those heavy hitters they like to publish, or it just wasn’t good enough. But if you like, you are welcome to have a look. And if your eyes are not too tired from the lack of action, check back soon. Who knows what might be going on over here.


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