A double negation hipsterization

Way Out West in my chest

Club kids and all the rest of us

Carefully selected music and bands

So we can stand

Drunk and sway without the feeling of our life passing away

Gloried looks and idiots yelling andeley!


I’m in Göteborg with the man of choice

With teenage kicks on love steroids


This is a double negation hipsterization

It’s a proclamation without sensation

That I just came up with

Head broken and shit

All these Converese All Stars indie hits


We’re just kids in a park

Like Patti Smith and Jean d’Arc

What’s that you said?

Jean d’Arc

Come on

I meant without her wit or smart

You better don’t think you’re fucking smart

I blow bubbles better that your spell checked art


We’re out getting ass holes

That’s why we don’t wanna hear your weak shit no more

That’s Kanye

He’s here too             

For you you you and you

So you can go home

To your small town show

And pretend you’re in flip mode


Way Out West

What a test

To the spine

Standing up all the time

Downing beers as we try to figure out

How many facial hairs

The Fleet Foxes beard orgy has


Way Out Wrestling

Ain’t no regretting

Just pure hipsta sexying

Written in the fall of 2011


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