A thrifty and opportunistic bastard

A good friend of mine in Sweden is running a movie/TV blog, I’ve contributed to its predecessor at various stages. This didn’t result in any financial reward, get me laid or in any way provide me with acclaim. In stark contrast to this blog of course, which has delivered a flood of great female minds wanting to pick my brain, and possibly private parts? For those of you blind to irony, I can only say good luck on your future journey through life.

Anyhow, being a thrifty and opportunistic bastard with an eye for anything social media related, he immediately got in touch when he noticed the kick-start of this sleepy blog through my already epic three-part-piece on aging. I’m still waiting for a magazine call, asking me to turn it into a period piece on the aging conundrum among the expat urban generation hit with the uncertainty of the financial crisis. Or possibly from a sauna manufacturer looking for a storytelling resource not involving burning hands on chimneys.

My friend tried to lure me in by praising me for my able bodied writing skills, original point of views and by generally trying to convince me that I am something I’m clearly not. And after 11 rejection
letters for my first novel, I’m well equipped to see what I’m not.

His tactic is fair game though, everyone want’s recognition and praise, and it’s not a coincidence it’s one of the cornerstones in most management theory. It’s simply a generally a good way to making things happen. Thing is, I spend most my time in front of ridiculous English language keyboards without those sexy Swedish å ä ö letters which we as a nation have come to rely on to carve out our identity in a world populated by an increasing number of people looking at the English language and thinking: finally a lingua franca for all of us!

This paragraph was devoted to some kind of conclusion. But now when I’m here, waiting to tie this bag of ideas together, I’m not sure what it would be. I guess all I’m saying is I might or might not write for my friend’s blog in the future. But if you do want to get things done, there are worse ways to go about it than giving people some praise. That’s about it; I realize there will be no price waiting at the end of this piece, but then again, who needs prices anyway?

And to clarify, this article should not be interpreted as a call for praise for me. I’m making a general point here people. Sometimes I wonder where your head’s at, reader.


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