Almost like two minuses that becomes a plus

I recently saw a Swedish literature programme which included an interview with the writer and freelance journalist Caroline Hainer, who I had not heard about before. She recently released a book on her previous relationships and their failings. In the interview the interviewer is very interested in one chapter, and a character called Lukas. He is apparently rude, unreliable and unclean. Just a prick I suppose. Which brings me to a question which has troubled many a men throughout the years: why do women fall for the bad guy? I’m actually not one of the men who ask myself this question, but I still found Caroline’s answer to be interesting, and probably true.

“It’s the most destructive relationship in the novel, but it also happened during a period when I was really destructive and down for a number of reasons. And when you don’t have much safety to give, you also tend to search for something destructive, at least in my opinion, it’s almost like two minuses that becomes a plus.”

Looking at it now it seems kind of obvious, but I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone say this before, so I thought I’d write it down, in case one of you readers might benefit from it. What I’ll do? I’ll order her book and find out more.


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