I ought to practice what I preach

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street (Official Music Video) from Nick Cave on Vimeo.

I was never a Nick Cave man. I remember standing in a second hand shop in my home town in the late 90s, looking at one of his albums, then listening to it, thinking it was too much. Too dark, too theatrical. Perhaps it was a lack of age, perhaps it was living in Karlstad, perhaps the album wasn’t very good. But something’s changed. Perhaps both of us did, because when he walks through the seedy Jubilee Street in this song, it says something about the city i live in. It says something about myself. It says something which feels true, and he says it like only Nick Cave can.

The shady characters in the corners, somewhere in the hustle, a world next to mine I only occasionally see from my glassed office building perfective. I know it’s there, the grimy side of town, the grimy side of myself. “I ought to practice what I preach” he sings towards the end, and how often have I thought exactly that? And then, as the drama increases, he simply demands “Look at me now: I’m flying”.

Fuck me, it stings each time I listen to it.


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