Two feet standing on a principle

daughter-if-you-leave-artworkDaughter is a particularly bad name for a band. Good luck googling it. But when you sit there, in your sofa, after spending some quality time in Hyde Park, watching Swedish teenagers with a flag play kubb (google it), after spending some time discussing nuclear submarines with your flat mate, after spending some time sipping cheap Whiskey, achieving some distance to a stressful day at work, with your headphones on. Then, this London three piece get’s quite close your heart.

Elena Tonra has one of those voices which gets very close and then refuses to leave. There is a lot of youth, a lot of angst and a lot of dark colours. Perhaps it won’t stand the test of time, and I can’t say much about the album as I haven’t given it enough time. But for now these two songs keep me occupied. And sometimes two songs is all you need.

Daughter might deliver some magic at Primavera when they get on stage on the Friday at 23:50. Might be a bit late for this kind of music. Or just the right time.


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